JinYeong Bak

박진영/JinYeong Bak/朴秦永

Assistant Professor
College of Computing and Informatics
Sungkyunkwan University
South Korea

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Hello, I am an assistant professor at the college of computing and informatics at SungKyunKwan University (SKKU). I got my Ph.D. in 2020 from KAIST and joined SKKU in the same year.
My research interests are in machine learning and natural language processing. In particular, I work in probabilistic Bayesian topic models and artificial neural networks to discover latent patterns such as user preferences and intentions in unannotated data such as conversational corpora.

2021 Spring Office Hour: Fri 9 AM ~ Noon, SKKU natural sciences campus 27306


Selected Publications

  1. Speaker Sensitive Response Evaluation Model
    JinYeong Bak and Alice Oh.
    [ACL] 2020
    [PDF] [Code] [Lay Summary]
  2. Variational Hierarchical User-based Conversation Model
    JinYeong Bak and Alice Oh.
    [EMNLP] 2019
    [PDF] [Code]
  3. Conversational decision-making model for predicting the kings decision in the annals of the Joseon dynasty
    JinYeong Bak and Alice Oh.
    [EMNLP] 2018
    [PDF] [Code and Data]
  4. Rotated word vector representations and their interpretability
    Sungjoon Park, JinYeong Bak, and Alice Oh.
    [EMNLP] 2017
    [PDF] [Code]